Top 5 Crystals Against Depression

Depression is a disease of modern society. Rapid pace of life, an influx of information and constant fuss, negatively affect a person, causing him apathy, and may lead to severe psychological disorders. A way out of depression is impossible without conscious work to change the way you view the world. 

When you feel down all the time, it is difficult to gather strength to continue the dull existence in a dark and gray world. Here’s how to change this situation. It’s absolutely necessary to learn seeing bright colors and feeling the joy of living. Only then you can establish important relations with people that matter and to find yourself and your true place in this world.

Crystals such as Larimar, Rhinestone, Aquamarine, Citrine and Amethyst can be very helpful during this tough process.


If you just need a little push to immerse yourself in a previously unknown state of absolute inner comfort and harmony, take Larimar. Expensive and not easy to find, but the results will exceed all expectations. Unconditional and serene spiritual comfort and absolute inner harmony will appear in your life with every contact with this amazing stone. A condition, equivalent to the state of rest on a tropical island will be available at any time!

raw larimar stone cluster crystal healing for depression


Rhinestone is another great option to deal with depression. It’s an affordable and highly versatile stone. Rhinestone gives off pulses for necessary transformation and cleanses your body, thoughts and emotions. Negativity will diminish. Rhinestone sends out energy not only to your physical, but also to your subtle bodies. Spiritual and physical strength will stabilize and channels of perception and consciousness become clearer.

We would like to pay special attention to an excellent sort of rhinestone:  the Herkimer diamond. According to many observations, it has a very powerful multi-faceted effect on all chakral bodies filling them with energy and a state of “sparkling joy”. They cost more, but the results are amazing!

Normal rhinestone can be used in the form of raw crystals, pyramids, jewelry, interior items.

raw rhinestone mineral crystal healing for depression


Aquamarine helps you obtain internal peace of mind and remove illusions. It helps cope with fears about what’s ahead and diminish negative emotions. Further, this stone helps you envision how you can be in your true state. Aquamarine makes you become a conductor of rational creativity, releasing your creativity and give clear insights.

Aquamarine lets a person see the world how it is, and not through the glance of his own fears. It perfectly helps in the development of creative and communicative abilities, gives flexibility to all human bodies and relaxation at all levels.

It’s always good to have at a small pebble stone of aquamarine with you. Pick it up, and the surface of your “inner lake” will quickly begin to calm down.

raw aquamarine stones crystal healing for depression


People have long known about the magical properties of citrine. This bright yellow stone was used a lot to make talismans. It’s associated with information and speech, as well as journeys and adventures.

Citrine helps to reduce dark moods, helps lift depression and establishes a contact between people. In ancient times it has been called a stone of wisdom. It is recommended to wear it to people whose profession is associated with fine and precise manual work. 

raw citrine stones crystal healing for depression


This stone is great for stress, anxiety and fears. If a person wears amethyst regularly, he will be able to quickly get rid of these problems. His mental and conscious state will normalize and the mood will increase. A lot of people find amethyst to be very helpful against depression. Experts proved that if you look at amethyst for a long time, you can get rid of it. To do this, you can wear silver rings with amethyst.

Amethyst raw crystal cluster heals depression

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