Orgone Pendant for Sharp Mind

Orgone Pendant for Sharp Mind

Orgone Pendant for Sharp Mind

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Orgone Pendant with Lapis Lazuli

agility • intuition • intellect

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An orgonite has a natural ability to arrange and harmonize energy flows.

Like anything with energy healing, the effects of orgonite vary from person to person. Some experience the energy immediately (Often as a tingling or clarity-giving sensation), while for others the effects are felt gradually.

The most frequent effects are:

  • Physical - Charisma Stones' Orgones bring better sleep, more energy, a stronger immune system, and decreased sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation.
  • Emotional - An effective way to balance moods.
  • Spiritual - Promotes spiritual growth by deepening your meditations and removing negative thoughts in a specific place.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli symbolizes pure thoughts, honesty, and goodheartedness.

If a person strives to make his aura purer, to become kinder, and a razor-sharp mind, the mineral can help.

Among other benefits of lapis lazuli stone, you can get rid of negative thoughts, hard memories, and cropped-up angry thoughts.

When a man wears a silver ring with a mineral at all times, he makes the right decisions, is distinguished by his wisdom, and knows how to find the truth. Such jewelry was an attribute of rulers and sages, whose life achievements are impressive.  

Why do you need a Charisma Stones Orgonite in your space?

Because every day you are being exposed to harmful Electromagnetic Frequencies, from mobile phones, cell towers, television, wifi, etc. These frequencies are not aligned with our planet and living organisms. This will only get worse with the increase of 5G networks.

Each Charisma Stones Orgonite is made according to the rules of art and meets all the necessary requirements for effective transmutation of energy. Our items are very well received by our customers and many reported similar positive effects, which we listed above, so there must be something done right. In addition, all of our crystals are sourced in a responsible and sustainable way.

How does Orgone Energy work?

Basically, an Orgonite is a combination of crystals and metals in resin. The resin, being a carbon-based, organic substance, sucks in the negative frequencies. As soon as these frequencies hit the inorganic metal, they are reflected in all directions.

The Quartz crystal, which is contracted under the pressure of hardened resin, becomes electrically charged and has the ability to transform and balance out the chaotic, negative energy and emit a healing and life-enhancing energy. This way, an orgonite has tremendous physical, mental, and spiritual health benefits.

Who discovered this?

In the early 20th century, Wilhelm Reich made groundbreaking research on bio-energy. His orgonite was actually a large box constructed of layers of wool, and metals, such as tin. Inside this box, cancerous mice became healthy, plants grew much faster and people experienced astonishing health improvements.

Word spread when he started to sell these boxes. Not much time passed before he was tried and imprisoned on a legal technicality, dying in prison because of heart failure in 1957, just a few days due to applying for parole. 6 tons of his publications were burned while being in prison.

A few decades later, Karl Hans Welz developed improved devices capable of generating Life Force energy. Calling his discovery "Orgonite,” Welz continued mixing organic and non-organic matter and found better success by using small particles instead of layers. 

Some 20 years ago, other researchers improved on Welz's designs, most importantly by adding crystals.

0.8 cm * 4 cm 

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